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Dating Chocolate Team

Dating Chocolate team consists of passionate and enthusiastic young people. We intend to organise various networking parties and different functions to broaden the social circle of participants.

Our team members come from different background including software engineer, marketing executive and programmer. Though working in different industries, we all notice one thing in common. - It is not easy to meet people and make new friends after graduation. The long working hours or job nature just make it hard. However, it is always interesting to meet new people. Talking and interacting with people of diverse background can not just add some fun but probably enrich your mind. We love to making new friends and try to create a platform for people to make new friends which we believe is a good way to spice up one's social life.

Our Goal

Dating Chocolate organises various kinds of events including happy hours and specific theme gatherings with an aim to create a platform for our members to meet new people of different background through a causal and pleasant environment.

Making new friends can not only spice up one's social life but can possibly lead to business opportunities among members. It could possible increase the likelihood to find the right one too.

Our Promise


We will utilize our experience into organizing our events to create a good platform for members to meet new friends

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Matching results and queries will be sent/replied within 24 hours through email, whatsapp, message or phone.


All personal information are strictly confidential. We would not disclose information to other parties without members' consent.

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Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions to our services and we will improve our services